Sales force

At Connect Products, we do not only expect the highest quality of our products, but also of our organisation. Our expertly trained sales managers and carefully selected agents, both at home and abroad, play an important part in this. Interested in meeting with us? Talk to one of our sales managers, who will gladly visit you to review the latest technical and commercial developments. Sales support in optimal condition!

Technical information

Connect Products organises technical information sessions regularly for its buyers and/or clients, during which experienced colleagues share experiences, current developments, and technical knowledge. Groups of up to 20 participants can attend such sessions in our specially equipped presentation room or, if preferred, we can organise the session at your location. Connect Products empowers you with knowledge support!

Marketing and communications

Connect Products is customer and service-oriented, which means that a separate marketing and communications department is an absolute must. Our daily routine includes quickly and flawlessly designing your label(s) and providing promotional materials to support your sales activities. You can contact one of our passionate marketing managers to discuss your needs. We offer custom marketing support! 

Sales department

Connect Products has an extensive sales department with a strong focus on customer service. For an immediate answer regarding order processing, delivery times, conditions, quotes and other matters, you can contact one of our enthusiastic sales office staff, who would be happy to provide the necessary assistance. Connect Products is also strong in customer service!

Technical support department

Connect Products has a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, where experienced specialists continuously research and develop sealants, adhesives and PU foams. Customers and clients can have products researched, tested and developed by this department. You can also contact us for technical advice, tips, project support, warranty certificates, requests and other technical questions. We will be happy to assist you with high-quality technology.

Production facilities

Connect Products has invested heavily in its production facilities. This has resulted in fully automated machinery, which enables us to produce very quickly, efficiently and cleanly for our customers. Our production plant is highly modern, in keeping with the latest technology, with a clear focus on people and the environment, quality, flexibility and capacity. Connect Products is ready for the future.