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Professional accessory materials such as cleaners, wipes, finishes, primers, sealant guns, scrapers, backer rod foam, tape, glazing packers and more.

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Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER

Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER is an effective and fast-acting cleaning product to remove/dissolve fresh/uncured PU foam stains and residues. Also suitable for cleaning and rinsing out PU guns.

Seal-it® 510 CLEANER

Seal-it® 510 CLEANER is a non-aggressive and effective cleaning product for degreasing various surfaces, specially developed to improve adhesion of glues, sealants, paints, coatings and lacquers.

Seal-it® 515 ULTRA-WIPES

Seal-it® 515 ULTRA-WIPES are extremely convenient and effective cleaning wipes, specially designed for quick, easy and safe cleaning of hands, tools and many surfaces.

Seal-it® 520 PRIMER

Seal-it® 520 PRIMER is a high-quality, extra-durable adhesive primer for sealants and adhesives that is specially developed for porous surfaces/materials and that moisture-cures into a durable membrane.

Seal-it® 521 PANELPRIMER

Seal-it® 521 PANELPRIMER is a highly effective black adhesive primer, specifically for the priming of untreated wood, such as timber works and slats, which cures through humidity and forms into a durable membrane.

Seal-it® 525 CLEAN & BOND

Seal-it® 525 CLEAN & BOND is a fast-drying cleaner and primer in one product, specially developed as an adhesion promoter for sealants and adhesives on non-porous surfaces.

Seal-it® 530 POXYFIX

Seal-it® 530 POXYFIX is a high-quality, professional and fast chemically curing 2k epoxy-based sealant that is specially designed for lasting sealing and installation of shower drains and as a fast-curing adhesive for light material bonding, and that cures chemically into a durable adhesive and sealant that retains its flexibility.

Seal-it® 540 BACKER ROD FOAM

Seal-it® 540 BACKER ROD FOAM is an open-cell, CFC-free, polyurethane-based backer rod foam, available in a range of diameters, for filling deep joints to achieve proper joint dimensioning and width/depth ratio. Also prevents three-sided adhesion in joints.

Seal-it® 550 FINISH

Seal-it® 550 FINISH is a PH-neutral, biodegradable, solvent-free universal finishing product for quick, easy and attractive finishing of joint seals. Available in 5 litres of concentrate and 1 litre of ready-mixed product.

Seal-it® 560 PANEL TAPE

Seal-it® 560 PANEL TAPE is a double-sided self-adhesive mounting tape, specifically developed to be used in combination with panel glue, to provide extra initial adhesive strength and the correct adhesive thickness.

Seal-it® 561 MASKING-TAPE

Seal-it® 561 MASKING-TAPE is a professional masking tape that adheres to many types of surfaces for masking and protecting various materials.

Seal-it® 562 DUCT-TAPE

Seal-it® 562 DUCT-TAPE is a strong, multifunctional, self-adhesive and waterproof tape that adheres to many surfaces.


Seal-it® 563 BRIDGE JOINT TAPE is an ultra-strong plastic reinforcement tape, specifically developed for the durable reinforcement of bridge joints, over concrete parts.

Seal-it® 565 PE TAPE

Seal-it® 565 PE TAPE is a strong self-adhesive glazing tape, developed specifically for obtaining correct joint dimensions with top sealing in glazing constructions.

Seal-it® 567 CERAMIC TAPE

Seal-it® 567 CERAMIC TAPE, is a fire-resistant glazing tape, specifically developed for obtaining correct joint dimensions, for top sealing in fire-resistant glazing constructions.


Seal-it® 568 GLAZING BAR TAPE is a strong double-sided mounting adhesive tape, specifically developed for mounting grid windows, and it is also suitable for mounting several types of materials.


Seal-it® 570 GLAZING PACKERS are plastic grid, tunnel and wedge-shaped glazing supports, specifically developed to support, set and space glass panes.

Seal-it® 575 PRESS-BAND

Seal-it® 575 PRESS-BAND is a high-quality, open-cell polyurethane foam tape for joint sealing, that retains its elasticity and that is impregnated with fire-retardant and environmentally friendly acrylic resin, for a durable joint seal that is resistant to driving rain.

Seal-it® 580 GUNS

Seal-it® 580 GUNS are professional sealant and PU foam guns, specifically developed for quick and easy injection of tubes, foil packs and aerosol canisters.


Seal-it® 590 ACCESSORY MATERIALS are accessory and finishing materials, specifically developed for proper and easy application and finishing of applied materials.


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