About us

Connect Products is a future-oriented company specialised in the production, development, advising and distribution of Seal-it® sealants, adhesives and PU foams for creating durable joint seals in building and glazing systems and the adhesion and installation of numerous building components in industrial and building structures. We also supply Cover-it® temporary covering and protecting materials for floors, stairs, windows and more. 

We offer an extremely dedicated and experienced organisation – with a vision and clear view of the market – distinguished by its quality, knowledge and service: our team of specialists is always ready to support you.

Technology, practical knowledge and customer desires provide the foundations for our product development, resulting in a broad and specialised product line. Seal-it® and Cover-it® products guarantee top quality at all times and durable and efficient solutions, for successful applications in construction, renovation and maintenance projects.


Connect Products sets high quality standards on its products and organisation – decisive factors for optimal building results and smooth cooperation with clients and buyers, in every phase of the construction process.


Cover-it® and Seal-it® high-end products are always designed based on thorough research and effective development, according to the latest state-of-the-art and findings, and with a constant focus on quality and innovation.


Our strength lies in our dedication to service and the customer, our flexibility, brainstorming with the customer, optimal logistics, short delivery times, expertise, advice, knowledge sharing, project support and long-term product warranties. Customer-satisfaction is our goal!


Cover-it® and Seal-it® are efficient construction products that save time and money thanks to smart innovations. Essential for a safer, more durable and more profitable completion of your project. Using good materials is half the battle!


Cover-it® and Seal-it® products come in different quality levels, specially developed for specific applications and circumstances, all with superb workability, for optimal ease of use and the best final results!

Our Difference

Cover-it® and Seal-it® products are produced with the utmost of care, in full compliance with our internal specifications, lending them their distinctive quality and unique product characteristics. Our products are also available for private-label distribution.

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About us