Superior sealants, adhesives, PU foams and accessories for professionals. Seal-it® products are certified, versatile, available in a variety of colours, environmentally and user-friendly, durable, efficient and well-positioned on the market, and meet all applicable standards and regulations. Seal-it® high-performance products guarantee quality and results, for secure and durable bonds, in construction, façades, glazing, sanitary and industrial applications.


UV-resistant joint seals and adhesive bonds for glass components in glazing structures/systems.

Paint & Coatings

Paintable sealants, fillers and adhesives for construction, glazing and industrial applications.


Fire-resistant joint seals in the industrial sector and the residential and utility construction sector.

Airtight Building

Sustainable sealing products for airtight and passive construction.


Efficient joint seals in façades and durable adhesive bonds for façade components in residential and utility construction.


Fungicidal joint seals in sanitary spaces and other spaces with plumbing fixtures, as well as cold storage units.


Durable joint seals and adhesive bonds for floor components in construction, maintenance and renovation projects.

Interior construction

A variety of sealants, fillers and adhesives specially designed for interior finishing in homes and buildings.


Waterproof joint sealing, bonding and assembly of wooden parts in the construction industry.


Professional joint seals and adhesive bonds for construction of bodywork, ships and containers.

Gardens & Ponds

Rock-solid bonding and assembly of garden and pond materials, such as stones, blocks, tiles, borders, concrete parts and EPDM pond films.

Hygiene & Food

Antibacterial joint seals in hygienic spaces, air conditioning and climate control systems and food storage and/or processing spaces.


Durable waterproof products for adhering and sealing a wide range of roofing materials on buildings and homes.

Tools and accessories

Professional accessory materials such as cleaners, wipes, finishes, primers, sealant guns, scrapers, backer rod foam, tape, glazing packers and more.

Covering material

Preventive and secure covering for various surfaces in construction and industrial applications, to protect from dirt, liquids and other damage.

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