Cover-it® Carpet & Floor

Highly self-adhesive 80mu LDPE protective film, specially developed for soft surfaces. Not suitable for hard and painted surfaces. For these, we recommend using Cover-it® Floor & Parquet.



  • Especially suited for applications on soft/upholstered material, such as on carpet/floor coverings, carpet tiles, runners (including stair runners) and floor cladding, during renovations and maintenance.
  • As a durable protective film, especially suited for upholstered/soft floors and surfaces.
  • Perfect for protection of soft/upholstered stairs and other soft and uneven surfaces.


  • Highly self-adhesive, quick and easy to apply.
  • Excellent adhesion, solvent-free acrylic bonding system, specially designed for soft/upholstered surfaces.
  • Easy to remove, free of residues.
  • Durable, highly resistant to cracking and wear.
  • Safe, effective anti-slip coating on top.
  • Waterproof, resistant to UV and weather.
  • Flexible, ideal for unstable and uneven surfaces.
  • Extra-wide design (70 cm), ideal for steps on stairs.
  • Low residual waste, 100% recyclable.
  • Long service life, ideal for long-term projects.

Application conditions

  • Maximum service life of 2 months, as soon as the surface is walkable and loadable.
  • Not suitable for chrome-plated surfaces.
  • Apply on clean, dust-free and dry surfaces.
  • Shelf life of 9 months, storage in a cool, dry place in a temperature range of: +5Cº to +25Cº.

Standard product line

Article No

Roll width



70 cm

42 m²

SI-XXX-XXXX-XXX = Article number.
Other colours and/or packaging on request.


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