Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX

Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX  is a durable, certified chemical anchor based on a two-part styrene-free polyester resin, for fast and secure anchoring of studs, screws and bolts in a variety of structures and structural components under highly dynamic loads, such as collision barriers, staging, scaffolding, columns, technical equipment/machinery, stair railings, shutters, window frames, etc.



  • Chemical anchor for studs, screws and bolts in solid and hollow surfaces, such as concrete, aerated concrete, cellular concrete, lightweight concrete, masonry, solid and hollow building stone.
  • Stable and durable anchor for window frames, roller shutters, stair railings, etc., in a variety of structures.
  • Ideal for use as a durable plastic repair mortar, for concrete and stone surfaces.


  • Ready-to-use single-cartridge system.
  • Extremely user-friendly, with a normal/standard sealant gun.
  • Fast-curing and fast-strengthening, with ultra-strong final result.
  • Suitable for both solid and hollow surfaces/materials.
  • For M8 to M20 studs and for screws and bolts.
  • Suitable for alkaline environments/surfaces.
  • Tension-free installation/attachment.

Application conditions

  • Always bore the hole in the correct diameter and to the correct depth.
  • Remove all dust and debris from the bored hole.
  • For optimal strength, the distance between the centre of two holes should be at least 2.5 times the depth of the hole, and 1.25 times the depth of the hole for the distance to the edge.
  • Screw static mixer onto the cartridge, then insert cartridge into sealant gun.
  • Squeeze Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX out through static mixer. Do not use the first 10 cm of Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX squeezed out, because the mixture will not be uniform and therefore will not cure.
  • Apply the desired amount of evenly mixed Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX in the predrilled hole, always starting from the bottom of the hole.
  • Place studs, bolts and/or screws in the Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX while it is still in paste form, and if necessary secure them for the curing time.
  • If studs, bolts and/or screws are installed temporarily and should be removed later, grease them with Vaseline first.
  • Only replace the static mixer with a new one if you have exceeded the working time for Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX, which will cause Seal-it® 720 CHEM-FIX to harden in the static mixer, rendering it unusable.

Standard product line


12 x 300ml cartridge



SI-XXX-XXXX-XXX = Article number.
Other colours and/or packaging on request.


  • ETA 19/0799

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