Seal-it® 472 PU-FIRE FOAM

Seal-it® 472 PU-FIRE FOAM is a durable flame and fire-retardant 1k insulation and installation foam, specially developed for flame and fire-retardant joint seals between various building components, up to a maximum joint width of 40 mm, and that moisture-cures into a durable foam mass.



  • Particularly suitable for flame and fire-retardant sealing, insulation and filling of connecting joints, seams, cracks and holes in interior and exterior façades, cavity walls, partitions and ceiling, roof and floor components.
  • Seal, insulate and fill pipe and line penetrations through ceilings, roofs, floors and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal, insulate and fill adjustment and installation spaces around prefab components, sections and door and window frames.
  • Adhere, install, insulate and seal between different insulation panels/boards and panel materials in the construction of roofs, façades, floors and interior and exterior walls.
  • Seal, insulate and fill connections in ridges, dormers, chimneys, air exhaust ducts and bay windows.
  • Fill, seal and insulate hollow spaces/holes in roofs, floors, façades, ceilings and interior and exterior walls.


  • Flame and fire-retardant quality, tested according to EN 1366-3 & EN 1366-4 B1.
  • Adheres excellently to many materials, such as stone, concrete, stucco, masonry, gypsum, wood, metal and various plastics, such as Styropor, hard PU foam, polyester and hard PVC.
  • Excellent acoustic and insulating properties.
  • Very low emission: certified VOC emission class A+.
  • High output, approx. 45 litres at free expansion.
  • Fast-curing, fine-celled and easy-to-cut polyurethane foam.
  • Foams during the curing process, high filling capacity.
  • Lasting resistance to weather, water, moisture and ageing; does not rot.
  • Simple, easy and clean application with the Seal-it® PU gun.
  • Excellent resistance to hot and cold temperatures, water and many chemicals.

Application conditions

  • Application temperature (ambient and surface) between +5°C and +40°C.
  • On compatible, stable, clean, uncontaminated and grease-free surfaces.
  • Use a suitable brush to remove any loose particles from the surface.
  • Degrease the surface properly using Seal-it® 510 CLEANER.
  • Give the canister approx. 20 good shakes before use.
  • If necessary, use a plant sprayer to lightly moisten the surface in advance.
  • Cut off fully cured excess Seal-it® 472 PU-FIRE FOAM with a knife and/or trowel.
  • Before use, grease the threading of the gun adapter with Vaseline, PTFE and/or silicone spray, to prevent the canister sticking to the PU gun.
  • After securing the canister in the gun, the spray speed and output volume are adjustable using the setscrew on the back of the gun for efficient/economic use.
  • When not in use, tighten the setscrew on the back of the PU gun until it is closed so the PU gun can no longer be activated.
  • Always leave the canister in the PU gun until it is completely empty.
  • Remove the empty canister by holding in the trigger while unscrewing it in order to expel any remaining propellent gas.
  • Next, reload the PU gun with a full canister and/or clean the PU gun thoroughly using Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER.
  • If the PU gun is not working properly, put Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER on the PU gun. Spray through several times and let set well for approx. 15 min. Spray through again and then remove the Seal-it® 450 PUR CLEANER canister.

Standard product line


12 x 750ml canister



SI-XXX-XXXX-XXX = Article number.
Other colours and/or packaging on request.


  • EN 1366-3/EN 1366-4
  • VOC emission class A+

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