Seal-it® 125 PLASTER-FILL

Seal-it® 125 PLASTER-FILL is an ultra-lightweight, high-quality ready-mixed repair and filler compound that is based on acrylic emulsion technology and cures by evaporation into a durable filler material.


  • Specially designed as a ready-made, ultra-lightweight filler and repair compound for plasterboard.
  • Filling, smoothing, levelling, sealing and repair of joints, cracks, splits, fissures, dents, holes, grooves and penetrations in walls and ceilings.
  • Also ideally suited for repair of all manner of surface damage on wood, stone, concrete, paint systems, plasterwork, masonry and spray plaster.
  • For best results, apply Seal-it® 125 PLASTER-FILL without pressure.


  • Ultra-lightweight and practically non-shrink, up to a coat thickness of 12 mm.
  • Excellent adhesion to plasterboard, stone, concrete, wood, paint, stucco, masonry and plasterwork.
  • Ready-mixed, superb workability, easy to apply a smooth finish with a moist putty knife.
  • Instantly and permanently paintable with synthetic and water-based paint systems.
  • Excellent sandability, once fully cured.
  • Practically odourless, fast-curing filler, based on acrylic sealant emulsion polymer.
  • Non-corrosive to metals.
  • Rapid tack-free time (approx. 5 min.).
  • Tools are easy to clean with water.
  • Versatile, both indoors and out, with 5 hours of dry weather needed after outdoor application.
  • Lasting resistance to discolouration, weather and ageing.

Application conditions

  • Application temperature (ambient and surface) between +5°C and +35°C.
  • On stable, compatible, clean, uncontaminated, grease-free and dust-free surfaces; porous, absorbent/open surfaces do not need to be completely dry.
  • Use a suitable brush to remove any loose particles from the surface.
  • Degrease the surface properly using Seal-it® 510 CLEANER.
  • Use a brush to prime highly porous, absorbent/open surfaces – such as gypsum blocks, sand-lime bricks, stone, aerated and non-aerated concrete and masonry – evenly with 1 part Seal-it® 125 PLASTER-FILL and 2 parts water.
  • Apply a smooth and tight finish using water-moistened/wet putty knife or scraper.

Standard product line


24 x 310ml cartridge

1L bucket

5L bucket 20L bucket


 SI-125-9100-005 SI-125-9100-020

SI-XXX-XXXX-XXX = Article number.
Other colours and/or packaging on request.


  • VOC emission class A+
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